Chef Melissa has over 40 years experience as a commercial cook and chef. She is a graduate of the Las Vegas Culinary Academy. Melissa’s practical experience was accumulated through her years of working many Las Vegas kitchen’s and she specializes in Southern Cuisine.

Among the many awards she has received was the best Bar-B-Que in Las Vegas award in 2013 that the team she was leading received. She has been featured in several different publications that showcase her diverse culinary talents. Additionally she has had the pleasure of preparing Meals for; John Sally (NBA Hall of Famer), Marshawn Lynch, and Las Vegas Aces members Asia Wilson, Liz Csmbridge, Sugar Rodgers and Jeremy Raenick, among others.

Melissa is a Cincinatti Ohio Native and considers herself a true mid-westerner. She ccurrently lives in Las Vegas and leads the kitchen staff for Farmtable Kitchen & Spirits.